Friday, June 4, 2010

Silly baby - you should flip!

I'm 35 weeks and 2 days today.  We just got back from a checkup, where the good news was that we got to take a quick peek at baby via ultrasound but the bad news was that it was to confirm that the glicklet is still breech (head up instead of head down).

We've known for several weeks now, so I've checked out, a website with ideas for helping to encourage breech babies to flip, and have been doing inversions, moxibustion, hip circles on an exercise ball, pelvic tilts, etc., which obviously haven't worked to date.  Since this is my first, I guess my uterus is doing a little bit too great a job of keeping the baby snug.

So, I'm going to keep doing what I can to encourage baby to flip, but am scheduled to see an OB next Wednesday instead of a midwife.  At this point I also have an external cephalic version scheduled for next Thursday at 9:00 a.m. if baby is still breech on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, that would have to happen at the hospital because of the need for increased monitoring (and I was hoping to avoid the hospital all together during this pregnancy!).

The points against the external version being successfull are that I'm a first time mother, so my uterus is not very stretchy.  Apparently they are more successful for later pregnancies. The positives are that I'm healthy and not carrying much extra weight, and that baby didn't look too big on the ultrasound today.

There is a chance that the external version could cause labor to start, and a very small chance of it detaching the placenta, either of which would result in a c-section.  If it is unsuccessful, they will want to schedule a c-section for 39 weeks, because there isn't anyone around with experience in delivering breech babies vaginally. However, if baby was to flip before the 39 weeks, there's a chance I could still deliver naturally.

If the external version is successful, hopefully baby will stay head down and I can have the birth I was hoping for at the birth center!

What I'd like to have happen, of course, is for baby to flip before next Thursday morning.  I'll keep doing what I can to encourage it.  At the same time, I'm also going to have to start preparing myself for the chance that I might have to have a scheduled c-section.

I've read that only about 4% of babies are breech at term, so I keep hoping that baby will go with the crowd and be part of the 96%, but each week it gets less likely.  I'm trying to stay positive, but I have to admit I'm a little scared about the way things are looking.

Anyway, my plans for the weekend include swimming, lots of cat/cow pelvic tilts, circles on birthing ball, inversions, moxibustion, and so on!  Our 13th wedding anniversary is next Monday, so hopefully baby will give us an anniversary present and flip sometime soon. =) 


  1. Keep your head up! I know that you would like to have a natural delievery but if you have to have a c-section in it for the best! I will keep praying for you cousin!