Friday, June 18, 2010

Late update!

Well, it's been a week since our ECV. I knew Craig had done a blog post from the hospital while we were being monitored for two hours after the procedure, but hadn't checked until now - and I see that it was on our regular blog and not this one.  Oops!
So, the update:  The version was a success!  The process went just as it was described to us before hand, and the result was exactly what we'd hoped for.  We went in, they checked my weight and blood pressure, and strapped me up in a couple of monitors (one for the baby's heart rate, and one to detect contractions).  After a bit of monitoring, they hooked me up to an IV and gave me a small dose of the medication to relax my uterus.  It did raise my heart rate as expected, which was a strange sensation (I'm nervous!  Oh, wait, no, it's just my heart beating fast!).  Then the doctor came in, checked baby's position via ultrasound, put a bunch of goop on my tummy and turned the baby.  It took two tries, with a quick ultrasound check after the first one, and was VERY quick - maybe a minute or two?  And while it was a bit uncomfortable, it wasn't painful.  In fact, I told Craig that my main thought was "wait, I need to relax instead of being tense" - not "ouch!"
They double checked that the flip was successful with the ultrasound, put the monitors back on, and baby's heart rate was doing just what they wanted it to, so after a few minutes the doctor left (we heard a round of applause when he got out of the room and into the central Labor & Delivery area, which was kind of fun).
We were there for another couple hours of monitoring.  It was neat to hear baby's heartbeat the whole time, and hear how it sped up when I felt kicking and squirming, and then went back to normal.  The nurse came in a couple times because the monitor was picking up some weak contractions, but until she mentioned them (and showed us on the monitor) I hadn't even noticed them.
Then, after two hours, they brought in a release sheet, the nurse went over it with me, took out the iv, and we were off!  It was right at noon, so we went out to eat to celebrate, which was nice.
And that's the story of the successful doctor-assisted baby flip.  I've included a couple of random pictures to boost this post's cuteness quotient.  

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