Wednesday, February 3, 2010

18 weeks

I'm 18 weeks pregnant today, and showing more noticeably (at least to myself & Craig! Strangers who don't know I'm preggers probably think I'm just chubby.)  Maternity pants: comfy, when you find ones that fit.  I bought a pair of jeans and black pants, and have a couple other pairs I am borrowing, so I'm doing ok in that department.  I have some maternity shirts that I like, too, though a lot of my normal shirts still fit fine.  And maternity shirts tend to have interesting necklines, which I favor anyway.  And that's my fashion update.

The baby is about the size of a bell pepper or a sweet potato, depending who you ask.  There are a couple of websites I've been using for baby size comparisons, here and here if you're interested.

We did have an appointment last Friday, and everything went pretty well.  We heard the baby's heartbeat again, which continues to be pretty amazing every time.  The midwife had to move the doppler device around a bit because the baby was moving.  =)

We talked about what I'm eating a bit (they had me bring in a list of what I ate for 3 days in a row).  I'm a little higher in sugar than they'd like (no surprise there).  I eat enough veggies, but they'd like me to have more dairy and protein, so I'm trying to eat an egg and the equivalent of 4 cups of milk every day.  In fact, I just had an egg and some yogurt for an afternoon snack.  I don't have figures for my weight gain, but the midwife said it was fine.

And some more good news - my thyroid levels have finally gotten to where we want them, so I'll be on the same dosage of Synthroid this month again.  Yay!  We'll check again in a month or two to make sure they haven't shifted again.

Craig has been saying goodnight to the baby each night, talking to it for a bit before we go to sleep.   The ears are developed enough that it hears outside noises now, so he's getting acquainted.  It's very sweet.

We also had an orientation and tour of the Goshen Birth Center last week, which went very well.  We feel very fortunate to have a facility like that so close - there were people there from as far away as Fort Wayne and Three Rivers!

Our next appointment is February 25, and we're scheduled for an ultrasound on March 4.  And yes, we will find out the baby's gender if it cooperates.

Tomorrow we head up to Chicago for a long weekend - our babymoon!  We're going to a live taping of Wait Wait- Don't Tell Me (the NPR news quiz), to a performance of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and plan on visiting a couple of museums as well.  Should be a fun trip.