Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st prenatal appt

Well, we had our first prenatal appointment on Monday.  Everything went very well - things seemed normal/appropriate, apparently.  The Certified Nurse Midwife we met changed our due date to July 7 from July 3.  They did the normal 1st visit exam stuff, drew some blood, etc.  They have a lab right there in the office, which is great since they'll have to monitor my thyroid levels pretty closely.
The most exciting thing was hearing the baby's heartbeat!  The midwife warned us that we probably wouldn't be able to hear anything since I was just 9 weeks along, but after a couple tries we heard it!  It was just over 150 bpm.  It's so hard to believe that something the size of an olive has a heartbeat that we could detect and amplify.  All of a sudden the pregnancy seemed so much more real...
Post-note: Found out this afternoon that thyroid levels are low.  Moving up to 125 micrograms from 112.  I find it kind of amusing since I think Dad said they just changed him to 125 from 150...

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  1. Whoa!!! I'm still bewildered by the olive with a heart, too. I also like this blog.